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How We Began

Back in the year of 2010 a fledgling game of minecraft was introduced to me, and subsequently my father and we very quickly became intrigued by the possibilities of this game. We spent many hours independently building our own worlds in single player, but multiplayer mode existed, just not as we know it today.

You see back then there was no inventory saving when you logged out. You had to place everything in your inventory back into the world in fear of losing it when you came back.

Eventually Notch (all hail Notch) added server side saving of inventories, buggy as it was to the game. This is where our tale of Moosecraft begins.

Moosecraft - The Initial World

Satisifed that the game finally had reached a point of being able to play together we worked to launch a totally vanilla world (no mods) and attracted some friends that were also playing at the time. we spread far and wide, but many staying close as well. Seeing the talent of players and what they could do was simply awe inspiring. My dad building the most ridiculous castle I've never seen completed still to this day but the sheer size and complexity being fun to explore.

A good friend DraginElite and his insane pyramid, also never finished thanks to chunk errors introduced by older versions of minecraft. Bowsers castle recreated by Zurignator, to the common households taken up by other players throughout.

One thing was missing though.... protection. You see early minecraft was purely vanilla, nothing to help administrators take control and keep bad guys at bay short of whitelisting people isn't any fun as you don't get to just see and browse other servers. Then along came a powerful mod, and with it a whole new experience, and world.

hMod Enters the Scene

Released the same year was a new utility called hMod that drastically changed the way the vanilla game experience was played. It created a wrapper API on top of the core game and allowed developers to create plugins to extend the gameplay, whether with protection abilities, new ways to do things or just fun mini games.

With the release of this platform I decided it was time to reset the world as it was already corrupted beyong worth and thought it was time for a new beginning, with new world generation changes having been introduced along the way, new items, resources etc. More players kept joining the server and quickly came to the conclusion that the current server wasn't enough for it all, after all hMod and minecraft itself wasn't exactly that great on resources such as RAM.

New Hardware

I can't recall at what point it was but as the server kept growing and expanding and new plugins were introduced adding such cool abilities and things to do the server was no longer able to handle it. We had hit a RAM and even CPU limit with the current setup. Eventually the purchase of a dedicated server to host was made, with tons of CPU power, and lots and lots of RAM for the time were thrown at it. It was around then that it was decided to begin a fresh new world and fresh server in general with this new hardware, and thus another world was started.

Around this time permissions plugins also became a factor and this allowed players to have different ranks, different abilites on the server and so, but it also brought a new server platform, bukkit. Bukkit allowed much more control and much more access to the internals of Minecraft and allowed me and many other devs to create new things as well. Many of the server ranks were established at this point, such as builder, advanced builder, mod, and admin.

While those titles gave a clear representation of what the person was it left little fantasy and roleplaying in that.


After a bit of a hiatus due to location and the inability to host the server it was decided to start fresh, start with a clean slate on plugins and all, and most of all using the newest coolest tool around. I took the time to restructure the server, create new more fantasy roles for players and re-evaluate plugins and what and who could do what. I also decided at that point it would be cool to build out a web interface for players to be able to check into states for themselves and other players, and provide tools for server admins to help in game.

This restructing also brought about a formal name change from Mooseman Studios to Moosecraft.us, where it remains today. The old name was retired due to its lack of relevance to the server, and the fact that I was no longer branding myself as such, for legal reasons.

Starting Over Part Two

Once again the server went offline as interest in the game dwindled, both by myself and players. People moved onto the new hotness and forget about the game. In late 2019 interest started to pick up again, both from older players and myself and it was then that I decided it was a good time to start up a server again. One again many updates had passed since the last time the server ran and so a new world and all new plugins and fresh start were needed. Also a new fresh coat of paint on the website was sorely neeeded and thus this version was born.

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While we run this server because we love the game and wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world, hosting this server isn't exactly cheap. Regardless of player donations this server will always be here but we certainly appreciate anything given.

All donations received stay to the server itself, whether it be towards the internet bill, new hardware to allow more players to connect, or even professional builders, it all stays here!

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